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First Images from “The Scorch Trials”

First Images from “The Moon and the Sun”

Producer Wei Han has kindly informed us that The Moon and the Sun has been pushed back from April to this summer. The current release date is now August 14th.

I have also uploaded the first couple stills and a brand new set photo to the gallery:

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“The Maze Runner” Screen Captures

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally been able to upload screen captures from The Maze Runner to our gallery!

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“Tiger House” Shares Picture Grade Images

Team Tiger House has shared two new before/after images during picture grading in post-production.

When you shoot something you want to capture as much ‘information’ as possible so that the image isn’t too light or dark, then in post-production you grade the image to achieve that really cinematic look. But more than just brightness and colour, a true colourist maestro like TT’s Pat Wintersgill can direct your eye around the image creating a new layer of storytelling, guiding the way so see the picture without you even realising – it’s visual alchemy!

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