“The Maze Runner” at WonderCon

WonderCon attendees were treated to an exclusive look at “The Maze Runner” during the Fox Theatrical Panel on April 19, and MTV News was on hand to witness all the excitement.

While many fans in the audience were focused on star Dylan O’Brien and his body of work (a special shout out to the “Teen Wolf” Stiles cosplayers), fans of the novel were not disappointed:

Exclusive Footage Reveals More of the Maze
In a scene only hinted at in the trailer, Thomas (O’Brien) and Minho (Ki Hong Lee), explore further into the maze. Their exploration is interrupted when a scanner senses their presence. They know that the monstrous Grievers who stalk the Maze are close behind; but it’s not the Grievers they have to worry about.

The maze begins to shift around the two: doors close, giant columns of concrete shoot up from the ground and begin to form walls around them. Thomas and Minho are forced to run for their lives, and barely make it out without being crushed to a pulp.

Though this scene does not exist in the book, director Wes Ball felt it was important to include something that really gave viewers an idea of what the maze is: not only is the maze a presence in the film, it’s one of the monsters, as well.


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LE20H Set Video of TM&TS

New Teresa & Thomas Still

What if we were sent here for a reason?

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Who Should Play ‘The Little Mermaid’ for Sofia Coppola?

Another new fairy tale adaptation is heading for the big screen, and this time Sofia Coppola will be behind the camera. She’s taken over a live action version of “The Little Mermaid” from Joe Wright, and this one is said to be much closer to its Hans Christian Andersen roots than the now iconic Disneyfied Ariel version.

So who will play Coppola’s Little Mermaid, who gives up her voice and undergoes excruciating pain in order to exchange her flippers for legs in order to live amongst the humans who fascinate her and the Prince who she falls in love with at first sight? It’s a dark tale of unrequited love and a hell of a coming-of-age tale, so which young actress has what it takes to star in the film?

Below, part wishlist and part prediction, are ten actresses we could see as Sofia Coppola’s Little Mermaid:

Kaya Scodelario
Dark and gloomy is something Kaya Scodelario has always done well, from “Skins” to “Wuthering Heights” to “The Truth About Emanuel,” and she’s been garnering more and more attention for her serious film turns of late. Scodelario is used to working with female auteurs like Andrea Arnold and Francesca Gregorini, and Coppola certainly has a knack for discovering and collaborating with rising leading ladies, from Kirsten Dunst to Scarlett Johansson to Elle Fanning, so this seems like a perfect fit and natural progression for both.


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2 New “The Moon and the Sun” Set Photos

Kaya looks gorgeous on the set of The Moon and the Sun.

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