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ASOS Meets Kaya Scodelario

North Devon Journal Interview

Skins star Kaya Scodelario may have found fame young, but this is one feisty firecracker that’s in it for the long haul. Susan Griffin gets chatting to the British beauty.

KAYA Scodelario’s mother recently pleaded with her daughter over her choice of roles. “My mum asked, ‘Can you stop playing crazy characters? I can’t handle it any more’,” reveals the 22-year-old actress, laughing.

Perhaps understandable, given that her breakthrough role was as the beautiful and complex Effy in Skins, the somewhat edgy E4 series that depicted teenage sex and drug-taking, and also launched the careers of Nicholas Hoult, Jack O’Connell and Dev Patel.

The job came about by chance for Scodelario. Her drama teacher had urged her to go along to an audition, but while there, she panicked, and went outside for a breather. There, she struck up a conversation with a man who turned out to be Bryan Elsley, one of the show’s creators, and he persuaded her to read for the part. Soon after, at the age of 14, Scodelario was headed to Bristol, with her mum in tow, to start shooting.

The series took off in a pretty major way. Despite the show’s success, though, Scodelario insists she’s led a low-key life.


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Kaya on Empire Podcast

Kaya chats about The Maze Runner on this week’s edition of Empire Podcast. You can listen below:

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Kaya for i-D Magazine

Just before our interview, Kaya Scodelario posts a photo for her 200,000 followers on Instagram; she’s gesturing in the air mid-sentence, food in gob, as she eats lunch with her agent on the tiny balcony of the Mayfair Hotel she’s been put up in. The city stretches away beneath her, and she seems so naturally part of it.

When we meet, she gives me a huge smile and then rushes out for a quick cigarette. She’s wearing shorts and a loose T-shirt and her hair tumbles down – even more fiercely beautiful in the flesh than on screen. She is only 5’6″, but she has long foal-like legs, which she curls beneath her and when her big eyes lock on yours, it’s like they can read your mind.

Though she has a Kristen Stewart look about her, she’s naturally more animated and exuberant than Stewart’s Bella Swan persona. “You’re going to have to shut me up,” she says. “I’m a chatterbox.” Before I’ve even asked a question about her new film, she asks about my tattoo and then, without prompting, reveals some of her own.


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